John Maldonado WIN Tracy
John Maldonado WIN Tracy is proud to provide inspection services in Tracy, Manteca, Carbona, Lathrop, and Mountain House.
Graduate of the Professional Association of Building Inspectors (PABI)


  • Graduate of the Professional Association of Building Inspectors (PABI) with over 145 hours of Residential inspection procedures and technical training
  • Escuela Superior, Biblioteca Publica de Puerto Rico
  • Calle Concordia, Ponce, Puerto Rico


  • Experience laboratory and senior field technician in broad range of regulated industries
  • Managed maintenance and calibration of laboratory and field analysis and test equipment
  • Possess highly advanced knowledge and understanding of safety and contamination control practices
  • Developed and monitored standard operating procedures for field and laboratory operations
  • Possess multiple certifications and licenses in material handling, safety, QA, and process improvement
  • Bilingual and biliterate in Spanish and English


  • Supervisor Haz-Woper Certification
  • Radiological Worker II Certification
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Bilingual in English/Spanish
  • Federal Q-Clearance
  • Senior CPR Trainer Certification
  • Fissile Material Handler
  • Supervisor Hazardous Material Certification
  • Heavy Element Senior Fissile Material Handler
  • Respirator Certification (SCBA)
  • Supervisor Beryllium Procedure Certification
  • Mobile Equipment Operator License
  • Conduct of Operations (CONOPS) Certification
  • Personnel Security Assurance Program (PSAP)
  • Personnel Assurance Program (PAP)
  • Supervisor Hazardous Waste and Material Certification
  • Supervisor Asbestos Abatement Certification
  • Forklift and Order Picker License
  • General Nuclear Criticality Safety Certification
  • Overhead Crane/Pendant License
  • Radioactive Liquid Spill Certification
  • Supervisor Hazard Communications Certification
  • Senior Train the Trainer Certification